Adult Acne



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Adult acne

Usually acne appears on teens and heals over the years. But because of world development and high pollution adults can have acne, too. At an adult age acne can come from many places. It can be very embarrassing to go to work with acne when you are over 30. Because of acne you can even loose your job, so you must treat this problem very seriously.

The first sign of acne is the appearance of blackheads on the nose and forehead. They appear due to the inability of your body to get rid of excess sebum and oil. This oil begins to fill the pores of the skin and when it comes in contact with air it gets black and hard.

Red and sore pimples appear when the blackheads get infected because of bacteria or dirty hands that touch your face. They are begging to fill with pus and to get really big. The worst thing to do in this case would be to squeeze pimples or to scrub them too hard. If you do this you risk having scars from pimples for the rest of your live.

Many people tend to think that chocolate can make acne appear. That is completely wrong, actually chocolate is good for your skin because it contains different chemicals like zinc and iron, that are needed to have healthy skin.

The most usual causes of adult acne are stress and sleep loss in men. In women the most well known causes are bad cosmetics and birth control pills.

Men and women can fight acne by going to a spa and get a good facial treatment with different types of masks like exfoliation or camphor masks. Also going to a spa can make you feel better in general and the stress issue will disappear.

For hormonal problems women can ask for the help of a doctor. Over the years scientist have developed a lot of pills and drugs that can balance your hormonal level. By using drugs like Neutrogena Oil-free Cleanser or Biore Shine Control Cream Cleanser you can get rid of acne very fast.

If your acne is not too bad - the usage of salicylic acid to clean pores and benzoyl peroxide to reduce the number of bacteria that grows on your skin will help you. This is a cheap solution, but if you have a bad acne case you should consult a dermatologist.


Grandparents can have knowledge about different herbs that can aid a successful healing of acne. There are many traditional plants used like burdock leaves, lavender, calendula flowers or cabbage. From all the plants you can prepare different home remedies. Tinctures are made from plant leaves left in alcohol for two or three weeks. After the tincture is macerated, you will strain the fluid obtained and give it to your teen. He should use a small cotton pad to rub this tincture on his or her face two times a day, in the morning and in the evening.

If your teenager canít get rid of acne after the age of 20, then you have a problem. The young person should go immediately to a doctor and run some blood tests because acne can be a sign of other dangerous skin diseases.

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