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Things to Know About Drugs for Acne

There is a protocol for treatment of acne vulgaris which involves following certain instructions from a doctor before taking or applying any form of medication. Simply because there is acne does not mean that advertised over-the-counter anti-acne medications will make them vanish overnight. There are some forms of acne that can have a super-imposed bacterial infection that may turn complicated if there are no proper drugs for acne prescribed.

The dermatologist has to identify the ‘suspects’ of things that may cause the acne: oil based (mineral oil) cosmetics, secondary infections after a course of antibiotics that had nothing to do with acne, birth control pills taken and stress and fatigue.

Then there are the unusual suspects to identify. The acne vulgaris may be drug-induced from steroids, halogens, anticonvulsant medications, lithium, Vitamin B complex, cod liver oil, isonictinic acid, amphetamine, fluorides from toothpastes if the acne is around the mouth and food allergies. There is also acne that may be caused by over-washing and facial chaffing.

When a change of diet, supplements or all other approaches will not correct the acne vulgaris, then the dermatologist may have to recommend prescription drugs for acne, acne vulgaris and severe nodular acne. WARNING! These drugs are dangerous if taken without prescription and guidance from the dermatologist. Do not attempt to self-medicate.

The following are a list of drugs for acne starting from the most dangerous to common antibiotics.


Isotretinoin is the generic name for brands like Accutane, Amnesteem, Claravis and Sotret. This is a form of Vitamin A that reduces oil secretion from oil glands and helps the skin to renew itself. There are risks taking these drugs, hence the prescription: if taken just before or during pregnancy, it can cause life threatening birth defects. Before taking this drug the woman of child bearing age must agree to two forms of birth control and must have monthly pregnancy tests before, during, and after taking. The individual also cannot take vitamin A and cannot donate blood at least 30 days after taking. Do not purchase this drug for acne without a doctor’s permission and do not buy this off the internet.

Retinoids (Retin A medications) can decrease the number and severity of acne pimples and promote quick healing of pimples if they do develop. It can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces roughness. When using, the individual has to use dermatologically approved sunscreen, and moisturizer. Avoid the sun when using this drug for acne.

Combination hormone medication containing progestin and estrogen like that of birth control pills. The hormones prevent pregnancy and acne growth is suppressed.

Tetracyclines, clindamycins, erythromycins; these are oral antibiotics that help treat acne with superimposed bacterial infection. They can also prevent growth of acne in its topical formulation. Adverse effects may be diarrhea, stomach pains and yellowing of teeth, rashes, itchiness, vomiting and finally rare allergic reactions including anaphylaxis.

Acnepril is the world’s leading oral acne treatment. It works amazingly under your skin in order to eliminate the acne from its source. This drug is made from amazing ingredients that give you a longer and better result with no irritations. It also keeps away other side effects that other treatment alternatives have such as itchiness, dry skin or redness. What it actually does is it balances the hormone levels, providing essential nutrients for your skin.

An alternative to Acnepril is the Acneticin, which successfully solves acne problems. It detoxifies the body, focusing on the stored toxins existent on the surface of the skin. The nutrients will be restored as the surface of your skin is cleansed. This medication contains essential minerals and vitamins combined with healthy herbs that are necessary to strengthen your skin and restore your hormone levels to the normal ones. Acne specialists claim that this is the fastest working oral acne treatment on the market today.

Orovo Acne is another oral acne treatment. This drug also fights the acne under the skin surface. This wonder medication is formulated using all the natural ingredients effective in combating acne. It works by detoxifying the body and reducing oils that cause acne, thus it prevents acne to occur again. Aside from dealing with acne, Orovo Acne has other benefits such as helping weight loss. The essential minerals and vitamins this drug has reduce the fine lines that wrinkles cause and rejuvenate the skin, making you look and feel much younger.

Acne patients can also opt for oral antibiotics that decrease the number of bacteria and also reduce the inflammation and irritation. Tetracycline is the most used and prescribed antibiotic. However, you should avoid taking it on an empty stomach. This is hard to follow by teenagers, due to their lack of eating discipline. It is not recommended to be taken by children younger than the age of 9 and also should not be given to pregnant women.

Another antibiotic that has many different benefits over Tetracycline is the Erythromycin. It has an anti-inflammatory property that help to reduce the lesion. Just like the Tetracycline, you should not take it on an empty stomach. However, it can be used by pregnant women. Although it can cause vomiting and nausea, experts say it is safe.

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