Preventing Acne



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Preventing Acne

Preventing acne from erupting is a time honoured problem that does not cease. Unfortunately, what is prevention for some may not be the prevention for the other. There are just some skins that are made to have acne, some not.

One thing not going for some people is the familial tendency to have acne. Some families find it strange if one of theirs does not develop any when turning into teens or even before. There are also some families that never have acne, not even pimples. They have that blemish free, smooth as petal skin that women and men pay millions just to have and they have it naturally.

Preventing acne depends really on how susceptible the skin is to irritants and reactions to certain foods. Some have really oily skin that tend to break out when the weather turns humid, some are so dry that it breaks out just as much. So what is the best way to preventing acne from flaring?

Dermatologists all agree that proper cleansing of the facial skin is still the best prevention. They also agree that each person has a different reaction to the cleansers that are commonly used to clean the face, especially when it is very oily.


Some people think that they are preventing acne if they continuously rub their skin with antibiotic solutions or benzoyl peroxide. There are even acne bars that can be bought over the counter like Neutrogena Facial Bar for Acne Prone Skin. These are all very good products if the skin is responsive to them. But what about skin that seems only to get worse when they use them.

The safest and surest way to preventing acne then is to prevent the skin from getting irritated by chemicals found in some skin cleansers, be they in soap, cream, gel or whatever form. There are hypoallergenic cleansing lotions like Cetaphil and Physiogel that can cleanse the skin without irritating it and are water based. These cleansing lotions are also used for atopic dermatitis in infants and adults so that says a lot about their cleansing properties.

One thing I do know is that there are some diets that can make skin flare up with acne, especially the vulgaris type. Some people react to dairy, some people react to nuts, some to chocolates, and some to soft drinks. However, not all do.

The best way in preventing acne is to consult the dermatologist who can guide you to your skin type and what products to use or not to use. It is really a trial and error process. If your skin reacts to one, avoid it. If it does not react, then go ahead. The worst is that for some, the acne simply is outgrown while for others they never go away.

Find out what your skin type is and seek the right answers from the right people, the dermatologists, and not the cosmetologists or the magazines on the stands which advertise different products every single day.

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